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Docs and guides to work with the Cinemataztic ecosystem.
Learn the basics. Explore topics like understanding the Cinemataztic cloud interface, setting up the DCH, how to use macros, what it takes to make a game, and how to get started.

Cinemataztic deliver a white-label app – to be tailored for each market. The App is the corner stone for interactivity and audience profiling.

Find information on how to setup and operate the DCH (Cinemataztic box).

Learn more about Cinemataztic’s products that include CineGame, CineCard, CineAd, CineFun, CineClash.

The cloud is your control center. Here you can get a real-time overview of how your platform is performing, contact your users, administer your data and ensure that all functionalities run as they should. Learn how to use your own Cinemataztic cloud here

Prizes are an essential part of Cinemataztic’s entire product portfolio. Cinemataztic`s app supports a wide range of rewards formats. See all options here

One of the basic ideas behind Cinemataztic is to gameify the cinemas’ preshow and the time before and after the cinema experience. See our different game formats here